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Wet Rooms

Our luxury Wet Rooms are designed for the ultimate modern bathroom experience. Not only do they save space, but they are also extremely durable and resistant to moisture damage. Our team will work with you to transform any space into the contemporary bathroom of your dreams, with a range of customised options available.

Wignall's Wet Rooms

Wet rooms have gained increasing popularity among shower users, offering an ideal solution for small bathrooms where space constraints make it challenging to accommodate both a bath and a separate shower.

The key distinction between a conventional shower and a wet room lies in the fact that, while both may include shower screens, wet rooms are entirely open spaces without the raised tray typically found in conventional showers. The floor remains at a uniform level, enabling water to flow freely towards a drain.

A wet room presents an expansive showering area and the sophisticated appearance reminiscent of a luxurious spa hotel, owing to its streamlined design. Wet rooms feature level entry, ensuring easy accessibility for all, in addition to being hygienic and easy to clean. When executed with care, a well-designed wet room is highly desirable and can enhance the value of your home. Call us on 01626 354194

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