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Shaker style kitchen

The shaker kitchen style tends towards the designs of 19th century furniture makers belonging to the Shaker movement. 

The beauty of a shaker style kitchen is in its simplicity. Classically, The characteristic features of this style of door are a square framed design with an inset flat centre panel. The versatility of the Shaker design means it can look great in wood-grain, matt and even gloss coloured finishes. It is suitable for both a traditional and modern setting and tends to be both a versatile and hardwearing choice for family homes.

Oak and timber finishes are reflective of the traditional shaker style, and can either be applied across the full kitchen or one feature area of the room. Shaker style kitchens remains our most popular range. 

Shakers valued open-plan living space that was uncluttered and simple. Simple panelling and clean lines which lend it a timeless feel. This classic design will stand the test of time, remaining fashionable in your home for years to come. 

Shaker kitchen designs are incredibly versatile. Whether you prefer modern or traditional, minimalist or extravagant, our range of shaker kitchens are suited to almost any taste, thanks to the simple beauty of the design.

Shaker Kitchen is at home in almost any setting; whether it’s a country cottage or a city penthouse your kitchen will integrate seamlessly. Regardless of whether you are looking for a contemporary kitchen or a more traditional feel, our Shaker kitchens can be designed and custom-made to perfectly fit your needs.

Using the best in modern manufacturing and a variety of materials and finishes – from gloss to woodgrain to painted, so there’s sure to be an option for your lifestyle and preferred look They can also be easily repainted if you choose to update your room in the future, without the need to change the cabinets.

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