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You Will Love Our Curved Kitchens. Curves add grace, visual interest and help to soften the often linear lines of a bespoke kitchen design.

 Many of our kitchen ranges include practical and elegant curves. The addition of curved kitchen units into your design not only creates a focal point but softens the overall look. Curved kitchen units provide style with ergonomic storage potential. Combining maximum worksurface with minimum footprint. Integrated handle design allows effortless opening of doors, whilst creating a streamlined and uncluttered look. 

Besides their luxurious aesthetic qualities, curves serve very real functions too. For example, a concave kitchen cabinet design to a hob area provides more space in which to stand enabling people to pass behind more easily and a bow-fronted kitchen pantry cupboard provides additional internal space, besides adding a little visual excitement to what would otherwise be a flat wall of cabinetry.

We all love curves in the design of our furniture. We recognise the beauty of curved kitchens and we want to show off what bespoke kitchens are really about.

Typical curved kitchen layout may include:-
• A curved kitchen island
The focal point of a kitchen, island curves can be as large as space will permit. These make for a stunning kitchen look, integrated within a highly practical kitchen workflow.
• A curved peninsula
Forming a fluid and accessible kitchen work flow, curved peninsulas share the same favourable qualities as a curved kitchen island. However, being fixed at one end means they take up much less floor space and so are better placed in smaller kitchen spaces.
• A contour curve
Extending the graceful arc of a peninsula into a tighter curve, a contour kitchen curve moulds a neat kitchen layout in which everything has its place and is easily accessible.
• Fitted curves

You can fully embrace curves through a fitted kitchen curve, which flows throughout the entirety of a kitchen space. This type of kitchen curve is ideal for utilising space, including corner space within a fluid and seamless arc.

Stylish, practical and ergonomic, a curvy kitchen is an elegant solution for family homes, overcoming the risk that hard edges can post to little ones, the soft lines of curved units will open up the room and create the illusion of space.

Curves offer a great way of making a contemporary, streamlined and elegant statement within your kitchen. Gentle shapes and curves reduce the harshness of sharp angled interiors, creating a desirable warmth and softness, as well as a sense of continuity.
a well-planned curved kitchen design the layout will sweep all of your everyday kitchen essentials into easy reach. After all, most kitchens are as much for working in as for admiring!

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