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Handleless kitchens

The combination of a flat slab door with an integrated handle profile creates a clean contemporary linear look. This style is all about the door design, it’s minimalistic yet still achieves an aesthetic impact. Select white and natural tones for a more subdued look or bold colours for maximum effect. This style of door is finished in highly durable lacquers and looks great in any type of property. Integrated handle design allows effortless opening of doors whilst maintaining a streamlined, uncluttered look. 

Our designers have a wealth of knowledge and experience designing handleless kitchens. 

There was a big trend in the late 60’s to late 70’s where a metal profile was placed on the top of the door. Since then, design has evolved a great deal, creating a far sleeker and streamlined design. This design provides plenty of room for you to place your fingers “behind” the door in order to open.

Now the trend for handleless kitchens continues to grow in demand year on year. We offer this style of kitchen, in a choice of door ranges, colours and material. 

Why have handleless kitchens become so popular?

– greater design flexibility when planing your kitchen
– to create detail in design within the door configurations instead of worrying where to place the handle.
– They take up less room than a handled kitchen
– Corners can be tighter together as you do not need to make allowances for handles.
– The worktop can be flush with the door face.
– Additional LED lighting can also be routed into the underside of the worktop, illuminating the door creating beautiful ambient background light.
– Cleaning of the kitchen is also more practical. No need to clean around the handles.
– a streamlined and uncluttered look
– smoother transition throughout the room.
– They are perfect kitchen for the open plan design of a modern room.

Available in standard units through to curved kitchen units with a large palette of colours, including painted options, through to different finishes such as matt white, high gloss kitchen doors and even timber effect range.

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