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Working from home?

Whether your home office occupies a dedicated room or shares space in a compact living area, your dedicated Wignall's designer ensures meticulous consideration of your requirements. We excel in maximising and utilising all available space, drawing upon decades of experience in designing, handcrafting, and installing made-to-measure home office furniture.


Visit our design studio to discuss your ideas with our experts and bring your vision to life.

Custom built offices

Create your own work space

We know how challenging it can be to work or study at home with distractions, so it's important to have a designated space that fosters focus and productivity. At Wignall's, we provide customized design solutions that fulfill these requirements.

We utilise innovative space-saving techniques, lighting, and layout to transform your unused space into a fully functional work or study area. Whether you need shelving, a desk, or a comfortable chair, we can create a space that meets your specifications. Let us help you create the perfect environment to enhance productivity and support success in your daily work or study life.

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Enhance your home workspaces with thoughtful design and construction, tailored for the optimal home office experience. Whether it's a designated room, an overlooked area under the stairs, or a cosy nook in the living room, your home office should be a haven of productivity and tranquillity. While prioritising practicality in your choice of study furniture, there's no need to compromise on style. Infuse vibrancy and artistic flair with a pop of colour and inspired decorative elements, transforming your workspace into a motivating and enjoyable environment.

Take charge of personalising your home office furniture by exploring a diverse range of bespoke colour options and finishes. This allows you to infuse your unique personality into the design, making your workspace a true reflection of your style. Consider incorporating built-in storage solutions that serve both functional and decorative purposes, contributing to a clutter-free and organised work environment.


Conceal unwanted mess and neatly arrange paperwork while showcasing books and cherished keepsakes using a blend of open and closed shelving. This thoughtful approach ensures that every inch of your space is maximised for both efficiency and aesthetic appeal.

If you’d like to discuss your perfect work space contact us today

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