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At Wignall's, we have always been passionate about kitchen appliances and home innovations. For many years, we have partnered with prestigious brands NEFF, Siemans and BOSCH to provide our customers with nothing but the best appliances for their homes. Our goal is to blend innovative technology with exceptional design, making our products a smart investment for those seeking both performance and style. When you choose Wignall's, you are choosing quality.


How do you like to cook your favourite meals?

From your own tried and tested creations to experiments with new flavours and textures, our NEFF ovens are designed to help enhance the dishes you love to cook. With innovations in steam, settings for prime meat joints and helpful suggestions at every step of the way, we’re confident that our ovens will inspire you to try something new.


Of course, no matter what setting you choose, CircoTherm® will always be on hand to ensure an even temperature is reached and maintained as quickly as possible.



The right hob for every cooking style

Cooking is all about creativity and individual taste, so our range of hobs have been specially designed to cater to all kitchen set-ups.

Venting hobs offer the perfect combination of convenience and power. You no longer have to compromise with features like a high extraction rate, automatic air sensor, reduced noise, and space-saving installation. With no hood required, you have the freedom to design your kitchen without any limitations, allowing for seamless socializing and creativity.

The magnetic, removable Twist Pad Flex® ensures precise and easy operation on your hob. Activate your desired cooking zone with a simple tilt and then rotate this genius of a button to select your desired power level and watch the surrounding lights indicate the heating status. The control keeps going too - the Twist Pad Flex® can also be used to operate your oven and coffee machine!


Fridges & Freezers

Fresh, seasonal ingredients are a staple in any kitchen.

As a result, NEFF has developed a range of preservation systems to help your food stay at its best for as long as possible.


From their FreshSafe preservation drawers to their NoFrost technology, explore the range and find out how a NEFF fridge freezer can preserve your food for longer and help save you time and energy.


Compact Appliances

Our extensive range of compact appliances are designed to complement the most creative kitchens.

Featuring compact ovens, compact steam ovens, microwaves, warming drawers, compact dishwashers and even a coffee centre, there’s lots of ways to create a cooking station that’s all your own.

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White Goods

Fully integrated Dishwashers, washing machines and dryers can complete the look for your dream kitchen.

NEFF fully integrated dishwashers are designed with sleek, no-handle kitchens in mind. Discover their range of built-in dishwashers here.

From sports kits to work shirts to baby clothes, whatever your laundry basket contains you need an appliance you can rely on to both clean and care for your clothes. Most of our washing machines come with our circocare drum, a system of paddles and jets which provide a safe, effective wash for perfect results and peace of mind every time.



NEFF hoods are designed to cater for every Cookaholic’s kitchen. Efficient, quiet and equipped with ambient lighting, the design and placement of your hood can be as flexible as your living space.

For kitchens that make a statement, NEFF’s chimney hoods perfectly complement an island unit, whilst our sleek and stylish angled glass provides the ideal contemporary solution. If subtlety is key, the telescopic Slide&Hide® hoods and downdraft hoods seamlessly disappear into your kitchen units for a minimalist finish.


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